The Scarred exploded out of Anaheim, California and immediately hit the road. Underdogs from the start, they blasted DIY media outlets like lightning with a four song demo, 1000 copies of which were sold, traded, or given away within a month. After stirring up interest with their pull-no-punches live show The Scarred shot out their debut full length, "Repression" on their own label and hit the road. The album went out of print after one tour and was immediately followed by a split 7" on the legendary DIY label PukeNVomit.

After touring on the "Repression" record and split 7" for almost 2 years The Scarred had established themselves as one of the hardest working punk rock bands in the US underground music scene and were controversially snapped up by New York's infamous Punk Core Records. There they released their sophmore full-length for the label, "No Solution" (2006). This was followed by an aggressive year long tour schedule that included a sold-out US tour with former label-mates, Cheap Sex.

After crisscrossing the United States numerous times in support of the record the band headed back to Los Angeles in 2007 to begin work on what had originally been planned as the second Punk Core album. Unfortunately, this album was never completed, as Punk Core fell victim to the fall of the punk music scene. Without the label's support, a series of accidents, and a near-fatal tour, The Scarred spent time regrouping, releasing a limited-time only digital "Panic EP" in the USA and another Split 7" in China and Germany.

Never known for giving up, 2009 saw The Scarred join forces with a local Los Angeles label, Basement Records, to release the long-overdue, third full-length record; "At Half Mast." With stellar reviews, Six Records, and over twenty Nationwide tours under its belt, The Scarred stands as one of Southern California's most battle hardened and best kept secrets.

Summer 2010 saw The Scarred flew off to Florida for a two week East Coast DNA Energy drink tour. Coming back in fall with a 4-man lineup, they released a cover of Bowie's "It ain't easy" and blitzed so cal with a flurry of shows in preparation for recording a brand new record in spring 2011 for release in the fall.

The Scarred's fourth full-length studio album, 'LIVE FAST DIE POOR, was released in the winter of 2011/2012 on Jailhouse Records. An unfortunate series of events (involving van trouble) caused the band to be unable to tour in the summer of 2012, but they continue to put on an energetic live show, as well as contributing to other projects while writing songs for their forthcoming 5th studio album.